The TI-1 “Bottle Type”
Giving your customers the premium choice

The Taiji TI-1 “Bottle Type” sake warmer is the machine best suited for serving premium sake. Capable of dispensing sake from a 1.8L bottle or 1.5L bottle with an adaptor, this sake warmer is compatible with just about any popular sake bottle. Our sake warmers all gently heat the sake by drawing it through a series of glass tubes surrounded by a warm water bath.

None of the sake’s flavour or aroma is lost through the heating process making it the best way to preserve the quality!

Using the TI-1 is very easy. Prepare the water bath by pouring hot water into the water pipe on the side of the machine until the water reaches the indicated level. Using the provided funnel is recommended to prevent spillage. Flip the switch to turn on the machine and turn the temperature knob to your preferred temperature, and you are ready to prepare the sake!

Pour the water in slowly so it doesn’t overflow!

Open a 1.8L bottle of sake and attach the Taiji bottle cap adaptor to the lip of the bottle. Once securely attached, remove the bottle receptacle lid on the machine and place the sake bottle upside down into the bottle receptacle. You are then ready to serve hot sake.

The sake dispenser is controlled by a level sensor so that you are free to continue serving your customers while the sake is dispensing!

To serve, insert the dispensing nozzle into a serving flask, such as a Japanese tokkuri, and push the nozzle in to set it into the open position. You can let the tokkuri rest on the serving holder. The sake will be drawn through a series of glass tubes and quickly warmed up before being dispensed into the serving flask. After the dispensing, you can remove the serving flask and pull the nozzle back out to place it into the closed position and you are ready to serve hot sake to your customers!

Checkout the introduction video down below:

Cleaning the TI-1

Once you are done serving sake, remove the bottle from the machine and place a container underneath the nozzle and dispense any residual sake before return it to the closed position. Then, remove the bottle receptacle and filter from the top of the machine and pour warm water into the machine to rinse the glass tubes inside. Make sure you have a container underneath the nozzle before placing it back into the dispensing position.
Remember to wash the bottle receptacle and filter at the end of the day as well.

Finally, turn down the temperature control and turn off the machine, and your sake warmer is cleaned and ready for the next use!

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